My name is Bryce Call, I am a software engineer based out of Boise, Idaho and I’m excited to start working with you on your project. I wanted to start off by letting you get to know me a little bit better so that hopefully you can feel more comfortable working together in the future.

I have been working as an engineer in the software industry for a little over 10 years now, and have been privileged to be able to work for and with a number of large and small companies.  During and soon after attending school at Brigham Young University - Idaho, where I received by degree in Computer Science, I worked with a number of other students providing custom software development services for local business.  This was a great opportunity to gain real world experience engaging directly with customers, while being able to make some money while going through school.

After graduating, I started work for Hewlett Packard (HP) in their enterprise printing division.  There I was tasked with developing software qualification systems and later grew into an architect role, developing qualification strategies for device firmware (that’s the software running on the printers that makes them work).  Most of my time there was spent specifically in the are of “extensibility.” That is to say, we built all of the tools and software that allows external developers and companies to make apps that run on our printers.

After about 5 years at HP, an opportunity to work for a small startup here in Boise became available, and I decided to take the leap and try something new.  I am currently the chief technology officer for this startup and am loving being able to work with a team to develop the “worlds best review management platform.” (

This may leave you wondering, why contract work then?  Well, from my early days in collage, I found it very helpful to be able to work on various projects from time to time.  This helps keep me exposed to new technologies, and to be able to build relationships with various business owners and entrepreneurs.  I typically spend about 10 hours per week working on projects and would love to be able to help ensure that your project is ready to be “the next big thing.”